Success in Sustainability: Sukanto Tanoto’s Initiatives for Bracell

Bracell, part of the ever-growing group of companies by Sukanto Tanoto under Royal Golden Eagle, is a global leader in the production of dissolving wood pulp, including specialty cellulose.

Based in Brazil, Bracell prides itself on sustainability and its numerous initiatives which reflect Tanoto’s commitment towards social and environmental responsibility, and community development.

Bracell produces soluble cellulose in rayon and specialty grades. In 2018, Bracell further began to produce kraft pulp with the acquisition of a mill in Lençóis Paulista. These are then further used to manufacture items from textile and clothing to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, eco-friendly packaging, papers, and more. Tanoto is further developing the world’s most modern cellulose mill, generating renewable fibre from sustainable eucalyptus plantations, producing bio-energy for the community, generating jobs, and creating economic growth in São Paulo, Brazil.

Bracell’s commitment towards their social and environmental responsibility is unmatched. Tanoto ensures that a respect for the communities in the area and the surrounding environment is shared by Bracell’s customers, employees, and other stakeholders as well. While Bracell develops numerous biodiversity monitoring projects, the Wildlife and Flora Monitoring Programme for biodiversity conservation has been an extreme success.

The programme aims to improve forest management, minimising any negative impacts caused by Bracell’s operations, thus contributing to the preservation of biological diversity, covering a large number of endangered species ranging from flora to reptiles, amphibians, birds, and even mammals. The success of this initiative has been proved by the increasing presence of a large number of such endangered species in the monitored areas.

A Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) owned by Bracell, Lontra, has been another incredible environmental success. This 1,379-hectare reserve is one of the largest remaining forests in the region. Lontra is a dense ombrophilous forest, a type of perennial vegetation with trees reaching 40 metres high and rains well distributed throughout the year. Lontra, the only outpost in the state that belongs to a private company such as Bracell, has seen the discovery of new species of plants, along with the presence of threatened animals.

In 2019, RPPN Lontra received the title of Advanced Post of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve (RBMA), as it is an integrated, participatory and sustainable management model of natural resources, recognised by UNESCO.

This international recognition identifies Lontra as one of the most important natural areas of the planet as a place of excellence for scientific research, experimentation, and promotion of conservation and sustainable regional development.

Tanoto’s community development initiatives bring a positive social impact to the surrounding regions of Bracell in Brazil. The company maintains the Instituto Lidera Jovern in the state of São Paulo, an organisation which works with young people.

In Bahia, Bracell provides educational and business support to rural communities. Bracell’s education programmes enhance skills of the local communities, with specific focus on continuing education, higher education, sports, music, and an environmental education programme.

By working with the municipal public school network, Bracell conducts an Entrepreneurship Programme, Dialogue Programme, Visiting Programme, and the Forest Producer Programme.

Such initiatives enhance economic growth, job creation, education, help local people develop forestry businesses, and more. Each of these unique programmes has a plethora of social and environmental benefits, led by Sukanto Tanoto’s ever-increasing commitment towards the community and the environment.