Importance of Facilities With Storage Containers For Moving Purposes

It is essential to understand that one of the efficient ways to move with ease is to rent or purchase moving containers for your particular requirements. That way, you will be able to save significant amount of money when compared with hiring a moving company.

The facts state that renting a moving container for both interstate and long-distance moving is much more affordable option than a professional moving company.

Apart from the idea that you are going to save money in the long run as well as initial expenses, having portable moving containers will provide you additional convenience for other things as well.

Since the popularity of this particular type of moving gained both recognition and popularity due to an ability to save money, it is vital to learn how the process of renting functions so that you can prepare in advance.

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How to Rent A Storage Container?

The procedure of renting a moving container so that you can store your belongings is highly straightforward and convenient nowadays. Therefore, customers have to find the place where they wish to store or move their belongings so that the process can be efficient.

In most cases, renting companies will also provide your storage area, which means that you can choose whether you wish to leave your belongings at their location or to take it with you to another place.

This may be useful during the transition, especially if you wish to sell the house that you lived in and place your stuff in secure place throughout that particular period. You will be able to choose the duration they wish to use the container as well as storage.

However, you have to state the exact delivery location as well as size and date so that you can get the proper quote based on the stuff you own.

At the same time, you should state your current location so that the company could transport a container to your doorstep, but this will require an extra charge.

As soon as you get the container, you will be able to place your stuff inside following your own pace without any additional hassle. Finally, when you are finished, you have to call the storage company, and they will place it in storage or deliver at your new household.

How to Choose a Right Size?

The latest technology allows manufacturers to create containers that feature weather-resistant makeup as well as premium-grade steel frames so that you can use them without any additional problem.

Remember that each container has to feature tie-downs, lock, and key, as well as steel locking, latches because security is most important consideration for moving purposes. According to standards, containers have to be able to withstand winds up to 110 mph.

1.      7-Foot

When it comes to 7-foot boxes, in most cases they feature exact dimensions of 7 x 7 x 8 feet. This particular size is the best choice for small volume storage and moving.

At the same time, it is famous for studio apartment owners because it will provide you plenty of packing space.

Therefore, it can hold a full room of furniture or other belongings based on your preferences. It features similar amount of space as 10-feet long rental truck. The most popular uses for this particular container are:

  • Moving unnecessary items from one home to another
  • Great for a college student transferring purpose
  • Estate moving
  • Studio apartment moves
  • Temporary storage during a home renovation or other capital project

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2.      12-Foot

This particular size is the best choice for people that wish to move a household or apartment that features two to three rooms. Since the dimensions are 12 x 8 x 8 feet, you will get the storage space of 689 cubic feet, which is similar to the 15-feet rental truck.

It is an excellent solution if you wish to use it for moving medium-sized houses or three-room apartments since it features plenty of storage space. You can also use it for office relocation as well as for restoration and home remodeling projects that you have to deal with.

3.      16-Foot

This is one of the most popular choices for large households that feature up to four rooms, especially if you wish to move everything to another area. It comes with dimensions of 16 x 8 x 8 feet, which means that you will get 867 cubic feet of packing storage.

Remember that it is much more efficient to use this particular type of container when compared with 20-feet long rental trucks that are more expensive and require knowledge for handling.

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, you can use it for moving living spaces that feature up to four bedrooms altogether, but it is efficient for other projects such as office relocations, extensive restoration, home remodeling projects, and many more.

How To Load A Storage Container By Yourself?

It is vital to learn how to pack a storage container so that you can use the maximum space possible. Therefore, you should set it at ground level, because that will make the packing process much more straightforward than before.

We recommend you use a dolly for moving furniture and other bulky items, especially since you are not experienced in handling bulky items as professional movers.

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Wrap all the things that you cannot place in crates with furniture or paper pads so that you can reduce the chances of damage.

At the same time, you should start loading the most substantial items such as appliances and furniture and fill the space around them with small details and boxes. Always stack more massive boxes below the lighter ones.

Finally, if you wish to avoid damaging items, you should not use too much force when loading straps and tightening them as well.

6 Things You Must Do for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is the perfect platform for artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and creator of all forms to find the necessary resources to make their visions a reality. This platform is a blessing for budding creators to get the support they need, but it is not a wish-granting factory. In order to get traction and the attention you need on Kickstarter, you will need two things: a fantastic product or innovation, and a formidable marketing plan to get people to notice it.

In order to get your project successfully funded, you will need to put a lot of thought into your project and how you will market it on Kickstarter. After all, how will you be able to get support for it if no one even knows it exists?

If you believe you have an idea worth selling, then all that’s left to do is to get other people to believe in it, too. Here are some of the four things you must do in order to get your Kickstarter campaign off the ground!

1.  Make sure your idea is worth selling.

Sure, you can just throw ideas on the wall and see what sticks, but we recommend that you focus and build on an idea worth selling.

Do away with typical marketing ploys, and instead of just selling a product idea, we recommend that you sell a story. More than wanting to invest in the end product, your potential investors may be even more interested in being a part of something new.

2.  Set a strong marketing plan.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you have a thoroughly planned marketing strategy. The first thing you should set your sights on is getting people to know that your idea even exists. However, you should do this with caution. There is a very, very fine line between getting the word out on your Kickstarter, and just being plain annoying on social media.

This is why we recommend that you sign on to a Kickstarter marketing service. It is going to be a small investment if you believe in your idea enough, and you have faith that it can take off.

3. Keep a professional attitude.

You need to think of your business idea as a real, fleshed-out business venture. This is particularly true if you want your investors to be confident in your project.

By being professional, we mean that you need to keep your campaign organized, timely, and as updated as you can. It is important that your investors feel valued and respected, same as you would with any large investor offline.

We also recommend that you maintain a professional page. The confidence that you exude on your page will speak to your potential investors, and they may show you some much-needed generosity. The rule of thumb here is that you take your project seriously, so that your investors can take you seriously.

4. Consider giving bonus content or rewards to your investors.

While the rewards should not outshine the actual idea, it might be a great plus to your project if your Kickstarter project offers enticing bonuses, you may entire potential investors to give more than they had intended.

Think of offering things or trinkets that have your idea’s branding on it. They are a low-cost way to show your appreciation to your supporters as well as serve as marketing, too. Think of stuff that you would want to use yourself! One quick tip is a shirt, a tote bag, or a cap; These serve as “walking billboards” who decide to don your freebies.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is all about fostering a company culture that is welcoming, passionate and hard-working. It is no secret that running a successful business relies on well-ingrained values such as commitment, teamwork, and loyalty. However, not all companies are particularly good at engaging with employees.

So, what can employers do to ensure staff is motivated to do their best and take the company further? Let’s discover 3 simple ways to encourage employee engagement.

The importance of onboarding

Employees who have not been made to feel welcome within a company can quickly become overwhelmed and consequently, disengaged, so it is important to make a good first impression. Onboarding is perhaps one of the most influential parts of the recruitment process. By gradually easing new recruits into the business and teaching them from the start how to do their job effectively, companies can avoid coming across as unapproachable. Additionally, onboarding encourages the onset of working relationships and introduces new employees to company culture and practices.

According to a recent survey, one-third of new hires left their job after only six months, so during this introductory period, the company should do everything within its power to engage with employees as early as possible. Taking time to explain company tasks and responsibilities can encourage new recruits to ask questions, offer ideas and voice any concerns. Moreover, during the onboarding process, employers should encourage new hires to bring fresh ideas and use these to guide any changes to the introductory stages.

Develop a comprehensive mentoring program

When joining a company, most employees consider eventual promotional opportunities and upward mobility as a prerequisite. Very few people are happy to do the same job for the rest of their lives and have ambitions to progress to the next stage of their careers. One way to ensure employees go on to achieve great things while staying loyal to the company is through the implementation of mentoring programs. Mentoring programs, in which experienced colleagues share their knowledge and skills with another employee is an innovative approach to encouraging communication across departments and creating a company culture of support and encouragement.

For any company venturing into mentoring for the first time, it is vital that you set goals for your mentoring program. Mentoring relationships provide safe environments for staff members to work as a team and motivate each other to aspire to the next stage of their career. Furthermore, employees who are involved in mentoring programs tend to feel happier and engaged in the workplace and report higher levels of job satisfaction. Consequently, they are therefore more likely to remain within the company on a long-term basis.

Practice compassionate leadership

In several different ways, managers can make or break a company. Some of the best leaders in history were authentic, present and had a sense of dignity, so aspiring managers should aim to emulate these qualities by holding others to account, leading with integrity and showing empathy where appropriate. Although employees will not automatically become engaged when given acknowledgment, it is an accumulation of acts of recognition that ensures members of staff feel seen.

Employers who are well connected with their employees add value to a business by encouraging others to engage with the company’s mission and shared goals. Ultimately, compassionate leadership involves listening to employees and arriving at a shared understanding of challenges. Developing a relationship of respect and friendship between colleagues is particularly important when it comes to engaging employees and instilling a sense of comfort and camaraderie from within the business.

Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace fosters a positive workplace culture that makes engaging with tasks and colleagues much easier. Maintaining an engaged workforce can ensure a business gets ahead of the competition and leads to better staff retention rates in the long term.

Engaging with employees is a crucial precursor to success in business. However, there are also a few other things that you can do to help your employees feel better in their working environment. This is just one way that you can create a successful business, for more information, you can check out this article here.